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The challenge that many medical practitioners face is the ability to diagnose the right bladder conditions to be able to offer the right product solutions. Whether you are a Gynecologist, Nurse, General Practitioner or Urologist, determining the degree of bladder leakage can take the guesswork out of the product selection.

Your patients are looking for your expert guidance and care. Diagnosing for the right bladder condition is half of the question. It is when you can decide on the precise product solutions with confidence that you can comfort and heal the anxieties of the patients under your care.

We have put care in the details to make it easy for you and your patients to find the right products for specific LOBC conditions.

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 LOBC Condition 

 Recommended Products 

 • Stress Light Protection

➢Pads, Liners & Guards

• Urge Incontinence

• Mixed Incontinence

Moderate Protection

➢Protective Underwear or Adult Pull-ups

• Reflex

• Overflow

• Functional Incontinence

Heavy Protection

➢Briefs or Adult Diapers

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Care Professionals

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