Prevail® eNurse™

Prevail® eNurse™

Educational Support for Caregivers Available 24/7

Bladder and bowel leakage can affect anyone at different stages in life for a number of reasons. Prevail’s team of licensed nurses can help answer your questions about the different types of incontinence that you or a loved one are experiencing in a confidential, respectful, and personalized way. Our team of experts can also help you determine which products are best suited for you and your family’s needs. Our goal is to help you alleviate the stress and worries associated with bladder and bowel leakage so you and your loved one can take back control and live with confidence. With over 25 years of healthcare heritage we have the experience and products to help you. Prevail® – Care you can trust!

Our eNurse™ support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us anytime at 866-573-3776

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