Prevail® Guards for Men

Discreet protection you can always count on.

Even men can suffer from bladder leakage. Pressure on the bladder coming from stress, strenuous physical activities and sports can result in light bladder leakage. Prevail® Guards for Men has put care in the details to provide just the right protection from involuntary leaks that’s perfectly matched with men’s need for security and comfort.

Prevail® Guards for Men. Highly absorbent, discreet protection

Prevail® Guards for Men

(1)  QUICK WICK® Layer: Rapidly pulls moisture and odor from skin for comfort and discretion.

(2)  Flexible Side Gathers: Helps prevent side leaks.

(3)  Adhesive Strip: Helps keep the guard securely in place.

Prevail® Guards for Men. Discreet protection just for men.

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