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Healthcare Academy™

Quality Management for Long Term Care

Healthcare Academy™

Healthcare Academy™ (HCA) combines multiple programs into a web-based integrated Quality Management System where everything is included to support your quality initiatives. This holistic approach is more cost effective, consistent and easier to manage. Healthcare Academy’s™ live customer service results in successful implementation for maximum return on your investment.

No other education and quality management program is more complete. Our suite of integrated systems includes:

  • Staff eLearning
  • Survey Preparation
  • Hospital Readmissions Programs
  • MDS 3.0 Curriculum

HCA can help you meet mandatory regulatory training requirements with quality courses. Our innovative learning solutions respond to industry-changing initiatives and are continually updated. No other eLearning provider on the market today offers comprehensive QIS and MDS 3.0 training packages coupled with CNA courses, Nursing and Administrator CE and leadership training. Over 200 interactive online lessons are available.

The ReadyQ application identifies areas in need of improvement based on the exact same questions and process as the Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) used by state surveyors. HCA goes beyond identifying potential issues by providing educational tools that help you prepare staff for the QIS process to reduce potential survey deficiencies.

The Hospital Readmissions Program is a tool to help you manage and reduce your hospital readmission rates. It will help develop staff members to become care coordinators that manage discharge and readmission cases. In addition, this series helps care coordinators understand the importance and develop strategies to enhance relationships with hospitals.

The MDS 3.0 curriculum contains 25 lessons that teach staff proper coding of each section of the MDS. This curriculum will help you train new hires, interdisciplinary team members and assess their coding abilities. Within each lesson is a case study for practical application.

Our team is here to help you implement and use the Healthcare Academy™ Suite of Programs in the most efficient and effective way possible. Contact us by email using the link below to discuss how collaboration with Prevail® HCA can improve your long term care management.