Prevail® Nexus™ Underpads

Soft, Absorbent & Strong: All-in-One Underpad

Many caregivers look for the best protection for those under their care so they can they relieve their discomfort from heavy bladder leakage. Prevail® provides maximum protection and comfort with the Nexus™ underpads, designed with three integrated layers to reduce the need for multiple draw sheets or underpads.

The All-in-One Underpad you can trust.

Prevail® Nexus™ Underpads

(1) Strong Cushion Top Sheet: Heavy weight bided top sheet provides exceptional strength while ensuring softness against the skin.

(2) Super Absorbent Fluff Layer: A fluffy super absorbent layer quickly pulls and locks up wetness and odor away from the skin.

(3) Cloth-like Water-Proof Layer: The soft outer fabric that surrounds the pad is water-proof to trap liquid or material so it cannot pass though the underpad, effectively protecting linens and beds.

Prevail® Nexus™ Underpads. Soft, Absorbent & Strong: All-in-One

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