Prevail® Breezers360°™


Prevail® Breezers360°™


  • All the best features. All in one. Breezers360°™ features AirMax™ Deluxe, a breakthrough cloth-like fabric that works in four ways to deliver more complete protection.

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  • 360 Breathable ZonesExpandex WingsDoublesorb LayersEasy Lock Fastener

    With all of our trusted quality features:

    UnisexWipes Skin SmartDirect Lock PanelsOdor GuardCloth-Like Outer FabricQUICK WICK

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  • Description Item No. Color Size Case Quantity
    Prevail® Breezers360°™ – Size 1 PVBNG-012 White 26″-48″ 6 bags of 16 (96 ct.)
    Prevail® Breezers360°™ – Size 2 PVBNG-013 Blue 45″-62″ 4 bags of 18 (72 ct.)
    Prevail® Breezers360°™ – Size 3 PVBNG-014 Beige 58″-70″ 4 bags of 15 (60 ct.)

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