Premium Quilted Washcloths

Premium Quilted Washcloths

  • Thick and textured for better cleaning. Now with Skin Smart™, Prevail® Quilted Washcloths are hypoallergenic and enhanced with lotion for skin wellness. Prevail® Quilted Washcloths are soft and strong, and the quilted texture creates pockets for more complete cleaning with fewer washcloths. Prevail’s Single-Hand Dispensing® is easy to use while dispensing one wipe at a time, adding convenience and reducing waste.

  • Premium Quilted Fabric Skin Smart Fabric Soft & Strong Triform Fabric Single Hand Dispensing Vitamin E & Aloe Press Open Lid Lotion Enriched

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  • Description Item No. Size Case Quantity
    Prevail® Premium Quilted Washcloths – Large Tub WW-901 12″x8″ 6 tubs of 96 (576 ct.)
    Prevail® Premium Quilted Washcloths – Large Refill WW-902 12″x8″ 6 packs of 96 (576 ct.)
    Prevail® Premium Quilted Washcloths – Soft Pack with Press Open Lid WW-910* 12″x8″ 12 packs of 48 (576 ct.)


    *Press Open Lid only available on this item

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