Prevail® Frequently Asked Questions

Loss of Bladder or Bowel Control (LOBC)—also known as incontinence—is the involuntary loss of bladder/bowel control. Millions of people experience incontinence but with the right products, treatment and information, they overcome the symptoms every day. Prevail puts care into every last detail to provide unsurpassed protection and comfort that allow people with LOBC to live better and feel more confident.

When dealing with LOBC and appropriate products, there may be some questions or challenges that occur. Below are some troubleshooting Q&A’s for Prevail Products and Best Practices. If further assistance is needed, please contact us at 1-800-227-3551, Monday – Friday between 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Are your products covered by Medicare? Medicaid? Private Insurance?

You should contact your insurance provider as coverage varies per state.

Are the wipes flushable?

Wipes are NOT recommended for disposal in septic or sewage systems. To emphasize this we include the internationally recognized standard No Flush Logo on each package of Wipes.

Are the products hypoallergenic?

All of our products are manufactured with hypoallergenic materials.

Do they contain latex?

No, all of the products we manufacturer are latex-free.

What is the shelf life for the wipes?

We recommend they be used within a year and a half of the manufacturer date so long as they are properly stored. The incontinence products? The incontinence products do not have a shelf life so long as they are properly stored. Properly stored means a temperature regulated environment that is not exposed to moisture.

Do you have booster pads for your protective underwear?

No, we do not recommend double padding with any of our incontinence products.

How many ounces of liquid do your products hold?

We do not advertise our products in this fashion each void is different. First Quality manufactures their products for various levels of incontinence please refer to the product selection guide to choose the correct product for you.

What product is best for someone incontinent of bladder and bowel?

We recommend you use a brief with tabs, this product is the best match as it contains Fecal Containment Zones.

Are the diapers and pull ups biodegradable?

No. Can they be recycled? No.

Is it ok to leave a brief on all night without changing it?

First Quality manufactures our products with wetness indicators. The wetness indicator will turn a dark color when product should be changed. We do manufacture a product for Extended Use which can be used for nighttime protection, this product does also contain the wetness indicator.

Which underpad is best to use on an air mattress?

Our Air Permeable line is for use with air loss therapy beds. Our Products Range

Can the wipes be used in the microwave?

No, we suggest warming with a wipe warmer.

Where can I order my incontinence products? Are your products in a local store?

Please visit our Where to Buy area for our trusted partners or you can reach us at 1.800.227.3551 for information on a Prevail Distributor.

Can you send me a sample of your products?

Samples are available; Reach Us at 1.800.227.3551. We will require complete contact information which includes your name, address, telephone number, height/weight, and the product you would like to sample.

How do I determine what size product is best for me?

Refer to the Size-Wise guide to help you with product sizing.

How do I determine which product is best for me?

We recommend speaking to your healthcare practitioner to help determine which product may be best for you. We do have a product selection tool that you can use to help with selection.

When will my shipment arrive?

We do not sell products directly to the consumer you will need to check with your supplier for order information.

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